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亚愽彩票官网网站:破世界纪录徐嘉余哭了:体现中国力量 祖国生日快乐
名称:亚愽彩票官网网站:破世界纪录徐嘉余哭了:体现中国力量 祖国生日快乐

Netease Sports Ou Luting reported from Qingdao on October 1:


On the National Day, the Chinese swimming team gave a big gift to the motherland. In the championship match in Qingdao, the Jiangsu, Hubei and Zhejiang team composed of Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junxuan broke the men’s and women’s 4*100m medley relay world record with a time of 3:38.41. The previous record was set by the United States. The team remains.

国庆节,中国游泳队向祖国送了大礼。在青岛举行的冠军争夺战中,由徐家瑜,严子be,张玉飞和杨俊轩组成的江苏,湖北和浙江队以3:38.41的时间打破了男子4 * 100m混合泳的世界纪录。以前的记录是美国创造的。团队仍然存在。

In tonight's preliminaries, the Jiangsu, Hubei, Zhejiang and Lu team sent Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, Yang Junxuan, the absolute national team lineup, the purpose is to break the world record of this project, and finally as everyone wished. When he came to the interview area, Xu Jiayu couldn't help but reddened his eyes when facing the reporter's camera: "The strength of the team is infinite. I don't have such a big emotion to break the record. This is the result of everyone's hard work."


This result also satisfied everyone: "Everyone has achieved such good results. It is the result of our hard work. Every shot in the front can achieve this result and stabilize it in a desperate situation. It is very good. The expectation is to break the record, but we are all I thought it was impossible to say it. After the results were made, everyone saw the recognition and we did it."


As a new project of the Tokyo Olympics, the four people broke the record and let everyone see a new gold medal: "This will be the highlight of Tokyo next year. Individual competitions are also very important, but the team can better reflect China's strength. Motherland's birthday happy."


Asian frog king Yan Zibei also resisted his tears: "I never thought about having a world record. I was very nervous today, and I was very tight. Swim 200 frogs in the morning to prepare for the evening.


This competition broke the world record, Asian record, and national record. Zhang Yufei, the queen of butterflies, became the biggest winner: "I can retire. Just kidding, this is the most satisfying game of my career." The little girl did not give it before the game. Most of my own pressure: "Break the record is unsuccessful. It requires the right time and place. Although we have the heart to break the record, we should not take it too much as a burden. The four of us before the game said that we should try our best to swim every stick. Whether it can be broken is God’s will."


Young player Yang Junxuan is still humble: "It's mainly because my three elder brothers and sisters have helped me get enough time. My strength is still not that strong. We are still very united."


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