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The Earth's


However, different time standards in different locations have caused time confusion. In order to overcome this situation, in 1884, various countries held an international longitude conference in Washington, and the participating countries created a universal standard time system-with 180° longitude as the theoretical date line, longitude every 15°, the local time difference is 1 hour .


But not all countries follow such regulations. The spans and borders of different countries vary greatly. It is not realistic to require countries and regions to strictly follow the standard time generated by the time zone. Therefore, for countries such as China, the United States and Russia, which have a huge land area and span multiple time zones, how to set an appropriate time zone is a troublesome matter.


Generally speaking, when a country sets a time zone, it will set the zone time as much as possible according to the agreement to make it suitable for itself. However, the chaos and trouble caused by too many time zones are still inevitable.


In 2009, the then-Russian President Medvedev proposed to change the original 11 time zones to 9 time zones. even so,


In addition, in order to cater for viewers in different regions, Russian TV stations are divided into five versions of Moscow +8, +6, +4, +2, 0, which include Russia's first channel and Russian state television, which is the same to this day. Some TV stations are a little simpler and simply merge +6 and +8 into a +7 time zone, such as cultural channels, children's channels, independent TV stations and other TV channels covering the whole country. This appeared

此外,为了迎合不同地区的观众,俄罗斯电视台将莫斯科+ 8,+ 6,+ 4,+ 2、0分为五个版本,其中包括俄罗斯的第一频道和俄罗斯的国家电视台。今天一样。一些电视台要简单一些,只需将+6和+8合并为+7时区,例如文化频道,儿童频道,独立电视台和覆盖全国的其他电视频道。这出现了

If these are trivial matters, then multiple time zones lead to a unified national examination (Russian college entrance examination)


In May 2013, the first Russian language test for the college entrance examination in some areas had not started, and the original questions on the Internet had already flowed out. The survey results show that the candidates are in different time zones which led to the leakage of the test questions"


In 2014, Russia passed a bill declaring that Russia will always adopt winter time after October 26. Prior to this, the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center recently disclosed a survey on the winter and summer time system, and one-third of the respondents tend to use winter time. After adopting winter time, Russia's time zone was increased to 10.


The vast territory of the United States also has as many as 9 time zones, from the Samoan Islands at the westernmost 11th district to the Atlantic time zone at the easternmost western 4th district. The time used varies from place to place.


Foreigners who first come to the U.S. will definitely be affected by the U.S. time zone


Every New Year's Eve, when Times Square starts to celebrate the New Year, people in Los Angeles and Las Vegas may have just finished eating. When flying from the west to the east of the United States, you must not forget to adjust the watch. Even banks and hotels retain the tradition of hanging a few clocks.


Take the NBA as an example. The NBA Finals are scheduled at 9pm on the East Coast (6pm on the West Coast), and the same is true for Western teams at home. People in the east can sit on the sofa and watch the football game comfortably during the evening break, but at this time a large number of people in the west are busy cooking, eating and washing dishes, and watching the game is not fresh anymore.

以NBA为例。 NBA总决赛计划在美国东海岸的晚上9点(西海岸的晚上6点)进行,西方国家队也是如此。东部的人们可以在傍晚休息时坐在沙发上舒适地观看足球比赛,但是此时,西部的许多人正在忙于烹饪,饮食和洗碗,而且观看比赛已经不再新鲜了。

Another example is Grammys and


Many issues have shaped a particularly interesting cultural phenomenon——"


Although our country spans multiple time zones, only one standard time zone is adopted, which is also


Now we are talking about "


In fact, before "Beijing Time", due to political and economic reasons, China also divided multiple time zones.


After modern times, the coastal areas and the Yangtze River were forced to open up, trade became increasingly busy, and there were more and more foreign ships coming and going. The ins and outs of overseas Chinese and merchants needed to be served at a uniform standard time.


Subsequently, the Qing government went to the institution Qin Tianjian to formulate the country's standard calendar-"The Book of Ten Thousand Years of the Imperial Palace" according to the emperor's order. The time was calculated according to the local solar time in Beijing, and it was promulgated by the imperial court called "


After the fall of the Qing government, in order to facilitate the planning of the national time, the Beiyang government divided the country into 5 time zones in 1918.


There are also many problems with this division. A provincial administrative region has two time zones, which is not conducive to the province.


During the Anti-Japanese War, as the Nationalist government moved to Chongqing, the original Central Plains time was also adjusted to the Longshu time zone. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, many people returned from Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming and other places to the regions where the Central Plains time was used. They all needed to adjust their watches for one hour to correspond to the local time.


With the gradual liberation of the country, the original title of "Central Plains Standard Time" has been


On October 7, 1949, with the Xi’an People’s Broadcasting Station:


And in remote


In order to make full use of natural light sources and take care of the daily life of the people, in February 1986, the government approved the Xinjiang civilian use


The establishment of a standard time zone is not only a management issue, but also a national sovereignty and territorial issue.


For example, North Korea, our neighbor to the east, cancelled the Eastern 9th zone time a few years ago due to the deterioration of relations with Japan and South Korea, and adopted a unique


1997, 1999,

1997, 1999,

The unified time zone is conducive to the establishment of


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